General Schedule for Yoga Classes/Yoga Retreats

Starting with the opening ceremony on the 1st day at 17.00

Time Day
5.30am Wake up
6.00-6.15am Herbal Tea
6.15-7.15am Pranayama
7.15- 8.45am Yoga Aasana
8.30-9.30am Breakfast
9.45-10.45am Philosophy/ Yoga
11.00 12.00pm Yoga Nidra
12.00-12.30pm Rest
12.30-1.30pm Lunch
1.30-3.00pm Rest/self Study
3.00-3.45pm Mantra Chanting
3.45-4.00pm Herbal Tea
4.00-5.00pm Meditation
5.00-6.30pm Yoga Aasana
6.30-7.00pm Puja/Hindu rituals
7.00-8.00pm Dinner

8.00-9.00pm Free time to rest in the retreat lounge or see a 360-degree panorama of the horizon clean starry sky. Satsang/Spiritual Movie Mantra Chanting

10.00pm Light off