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Naturopathy has become the order of the day in the present times. It has slowly replaced the conventional system of medicine. It provides an effective way for prevention and cure of various diseases without the use of drugs. It uses various methods like diet control, exercises and massage to treat & cure all kinds of acute and chronic ailments diseases. Naturopathy makes use of all the natural means for healing various diseases. It provides a way for a healthy life and perfect well-being. It is surely worth embracing in our life.

Rishikesh School of Yoga and Naturopathy offers you the best combination of various naturopathy treatments. We have specially designed our course for all kinds of yoga practitioners. We have a team of best teachers to give you everything that you need. We will surely meet all your specific requirements by giving our best services at a very reasonable cost. The cost of this course is included in the accommodation charges.These are the services that we provide:-

Hydro Therapy: Hydrotherapy is a section of naturopathy treatment process which uses water for various treatment processes and pain relief As two-thirds of entire earth and body are constituted from water likewise two third of complete naturopathy treatment process comprises of Hydro Therapy. Hydro Therapy section has arrangements for Hip Bath, Spray Spinal Bath, Motorized Jet Spinal Bath, Steam Bath, Sauna Bath, Hi-technology Hydrotherapy, Ozone Sauna and Steam Bath, Water-waves Massage Bath, Whirlpool Bath, Sprinkler Bath, Ozone Bubbles Bath, Circular Jet Hydro Massage Bath, Immersion Bath, Hot &Cold Alternative Jet Spray, Hydro Jet Spray Massage or Douche, Foot-bath and Arm-bath, Sitting Bath, Full sheet Pack, various types or wraps, etc.

Mud Therapy: Mud is one of five elements of nature and contains important minerals which have an immense impact and positive effects on the body both in health and sickness. Mud has the property of absorbing toxins from the human body and therefore is very useful in preventing many diseases. Mud is also known for its healing properties and also helps in cooling and relaxing body as it can hold moisture for a long time Tones up the skin opens skin pores and helps in curing skin diseases. Beneficial in curing insomnia.Increases the metabolism and increases blood circulation. Effective in the treatment of “obesity” and”depression”

Sun Therapy: Sun is the part of nature which is known to be beneficial in many ways to humankind from ancient times and proofs for same were given in Vedas and is now accepted by modern science also. Various treatment processes practiced in Rishikesh School of Yoga and Naturopathy for healing by Sun involves Sun Bath, and Colored Rays Therapy, Chromatic Hydro and Oil Therapy (by charging water and oil in colored bottles with solar rays), colored Thermolium, Green House Thermolium, etc.It Improves blood Circulation, climates toxins from the body, increases vitamin D in the body thereby helps in reduction of heart diseases and in conditions such as Paralysis, Tuberculosis and other skin ailments.

Aero therapy: Aero therapy is the part of naturopathy and treatment which involves treatment of disease with fresh air, an air of different degree of pressure or rarity, or medicated air. In addition to other therapies involved in naturopathy, aero therapy works as an add-on for the complete treatment process.Aero therapy energizes the body Relieves tension and stress and helps in relaxing the body.


Panchakarma is the primary healing modality within the ancient Ayurvedic science. It offers to balance rejuvenation of mind, body, and consciousness.  We call this wellness, which is achieved through a series of unique, natural, holistic, health-giving deep cleansing therapeutic treatments.

These treatments rid the body of toxins and restore constitutional balance improving health, strengthening immunity. reversing negative effect of stress which slows the ageing process, and enhance self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity Rishikesh School of Yoga and Naturopathy is the best Naturopathy, Detox wellness and  hollistic Retreats center in Rishikesh, Provides Panchkarm’ treatment, strictly in accordance with the ancient traditions of Ayurveda. A Process involving steps that call for expertise and experience, Panchkarm comprises 5 steps- Vaman’ (Vomiting). Virechan Purgation). Vasti’ (Enema), Nasya’ (Nasal Cleaning) and Raktamokshan'(The removal of impure blood).

Snehan and Sweda: As mentioned earlier by snehan the waste materials blocked in the body channels become unctuous, and the channels become lubricated. Through swedan these waste materials are brought into the main body channel (mahakoshtha) before it is expelled through the main technique of panchakarma.

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Janu Basti:- Janu Vasti means a treatment in which medicated oils are poured and pooled for a fixed duration of time in a compartment or a cabin constructed around the knee joint using wet flour of black gram. In simple words, Janu Vasti is pain relieving oil-pooling treatment conducted for knee pain.

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Nasya: Nasya is applied in Kapha disorders.This is very active in disorders above shoulders. It is applied in an unconsciousness headache hemiplegia, other neurological disorders etc.

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Basti: Medicated enema is highly effective in the data type of disorders. It is also applied to other dosa disorders as well. Basti is considered as half of the treatment in Ayurveda. There are two types of a medicated enema. They are done with decoction (kashaya) and materials (Sneha) like oil, ghee

Shatkarama: The teachings of the six karmas were given by saints to their pupils to initiate them into the purification of the body and beginning of Raja yoga. These activities rejuvenate the human body and make it disease free, endow longer, healthy, strong, and radiant life. In these activities are conducted under the supervision of able of experienced yoga.

Jal Neti: This activity is very fruitful to cure incurable disease like chronic rhinitis, bronchitis & crazy etc. The special pot filled with saline water is used to clean nostrils and throat. It is used in ENT Diseases.

Sutra Neti:- This activity is very fruitful to cure incurable disease like chronic rhinitis bronchitis, DNS & coryza etc. Thin rope made of cotton threads or catheter is used to clean up| nostrils and throat resulting in the removal of ENT problems.

Kunjal: Very beneficial for a hyperacidity cough, Asthma, etc. 1 to 1.5-litre lukewarm water is drunk fast and vomited by putting 2 figure is the throat.

Vastra Dhauti: Take a muslin cloth, 22 feet in length and about four fingers wide. Roll it and leave it in a vessel containing boiled clean water for 4 to 5 minutes. It is ingested slowly while keeping last part in hand. Then after nauli, it is removed slowly. Vastra Dhouti removes the phlegm covering the inner walls of the stomach, which helps in the creation of digestive juices resulting in enhanced appetite.