Online yoga classes: Breathe in, breathe out…

Normally Yoga is performed in groups, but due to the global effect of the coronavirus (COVID 19), many people are quarantined and many others have lost loved ones. The health of our Yoga students, teachers, interns, and staff remain our highest priority throughout this challenging time. However to stay fit and fight with this epidemic we have suspended our regular yoga courses for indefinite time. We are encouraging people to adapt and practice online sessions on home based physical activities, yoga and mindfulness training under the guidance of qualified yoga teacher from Rishikesh School of Yoga and Naturopathy.
Although yoga and meditation are known to be beneficial for holistic health, yet there is no established proof so far that it help gear up the human body to fight COVID-19. It is our firm belief that practicing yoga on daily basis boosts immunity, respiratory system and mental health of practiceners.

Our online Yoga course is SELF-PACED – Meaning you can start at ANYTIME and from ANYWHERE.

YOGA Course Teachers

1. Yogi Pankaj Seth
2. Yogini Julia
3. Yogini Kirti

What to expect:

This yoga class will cover all the aspect of yoga training that includes the practice of yoga posture, breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation , a solid self-yoga practice for life, meditation & relaxation techniques, inner & outer Vayu’s,uddiyana bandha,kapalabhati, nadhi shodana, all asana categories and 3-part breath Etc.
How to enroll:

  1.  Create an account on our site
    2. Go here, and click the “pay” button.
    3. That’s it. You are all set up and have the access to our online classes.

How you will Progress:

After registration Yoga school sends you all printed and recorded information need for this training. There will be a schedule a candidate has to follow according to his or her own time and resources available.
Schedule of classes : Schedule of classes will be according to the world time zone. We have many yoga teacher training groups according to US, UK, Australia and other European countries time zone. This ensure comfortable learning at proper time.
Note – Schedule can be changed according to student’s and teacher’s Timings. Sunday is completely off. During these difficult of pandemic, we would also like to extend our best wishes to the entire global community.