Yoga in India for all Age, Race and Sex

Yoga in India is an invaluable treasure from Indian sages to the world. At every stage of life, it is very important to maintain the good health by doing regular exercise & taking proper diet. Our state of mind and love provide care you need through our best courses of yoga in India, yoga retreats and Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga & Iyengar. Every age group has different requirement and different needs therefore different yoga exercises are advised for different age groups. Yoga is safe and effective for all age and body type. Rishikesh School of Yoga & Naturopathy is the best yoga school in India for yoga retreats and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India rishikesh. We run yoga teacher training YTTC classes internationally certified by Yoga Alliance USA for beginners, intermediate to advanced level yoga practitioners. Rishikesh School of yoga teacher Training is Yoga Alliance — USA, certified studio for yoga in India Rishikesh. Our specialist of yoga in India has advised to include a useful posture for each of the ages in their regular exercise. So that children, men, women of all ages can adjust to changes in their body. Let’s move towards being healthier. Teenage


Teenage i.e. teens are the time when children body changes rapidly. It is the most difficult period both physically and mentally. In all classes of yoga in India for children we recommend that all children must perform sun Salutation in the teenage age. Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation) is a mixture of pranayama and yoga. For all the problems of periods & hormonal changes, plough poses, Fish poses, Saranjangasan, Baddhasan, Ashwini Mudra and Vikasan are beneficial.

Prime Adulthood: 20s — 30s

This is most healthy period in a person’s life span. Although they feel themselves full of energy but at the same time stress can be noticed on their faces. Stress is the main cause of diseases. Utmost requirement is stress management, which can be controlled through yoga. In this decade, women should be aware of Exercises related to conception. In our classes of yoga in India we advise women that during pregnancy they must listen to music and do bhramari and prolongation with anti-ulama. You can sit-ups in the first trimester. If you have a problem of back pain during pregnancy, then you should apply MARGARASAN & SETUNDHASHASAN Additionally, these shall be helpful in strengthening of the abrasions (for the strength of the stomach muscles) and eczema (the strength of thighs and pelvic muscles) will be helpful.
Our classes of Yoga in India help to relaxing the stress of social, work pressure and to some extent counterbalancing the late parties tiredness.

Young adulthood: Thirty (30) to Forty (40)

It is a fact that yoga is anti- aging; it impedes the aging progression and keeps you healthy and happy. In the age of thirties, one is likely to be settling down and prepared for a family life. This decade is very important for people’s health. This is also a right time to observe and alter unhealthy forms before they set and possibly damage. We reaffirm from our yoga in India classes that a consistent yoga exercise can be benefited management of the Stress of parenthood and contribute to work-life balance.

Quadragenarian 40s — 50s

As changes may arise steadily to your physical exercise, at this stage of age, we may seriously observe the bodily changes such as a longer time in injury recovery, a gentler metabolism and stiffness in joints. It is advisable that you pay proper attention to your energy levels, and don’t overstrain yourself, Apt advises. On low-energy days, allow yourself to do standing poses with your back against a wall or to hold yoga poses for a shorter period and repeat them rather than straining in longer holds.

Quinquagenarian 50s — 60s

At this age muscle mass begins to naturally weakening by a rate of 1-2 % per annum. Our Yoga in India Classes helps in maintaining & retaining flexibility & strength of muscles. Weakening bone density develops an issue, mostly for women; however yoga exercises offers the strength & flexibility to bones and reducing the weakness to damaged bones with the age. Wall support allows you to hold the pose with less muscular effort and stay balanced while opening the groins, pelvis, and chest. You can’t maintain strong legs, use a chair. Place a blanket on the seat and two folded blankets on the floor in front of the chair. Sit backward on the chair with your feet over the backrest, and lie back.
We invite you to learn meditation & deep exercises from our classes of yoga in India rishikesh, which will take you out from midlife crisis of age.


Senior Citizen 60s & above

By this time, life’s duties and responsibilities may be easing up. You may be chill, relaxing & retired. Your children might have been grownup, probably adults. You may again be playing as a kid with your grandchildren, traveling less. You can be a fit Sexagenarian who still can touch his toes. If you keep up a regular yoga exercise that is good for your physical ability. This time of retirement or lesser working hours may also afford a chance to attend workshops and travel to yoga in India Rishikesh. During these decades it’s important to maintain your range of motion and agility, especially in the spine. Following are some exercises which our student perform while doing yoga in India on regular basis.

Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep: Yoga Nidra is, by far, the most essential part of any yoga practice. Rishikesh School of yoga & Naturopathy is considered the best ashram for yoga and meditation in Yoga in India Rishikesh. Give yourself the chance to take your training to any level of yoga course or yoga teacher training in Rishikesh from the best yoga guru of India and the best yoga school in India. Feel the significant difference insight and noticeable change to others.